Friday, August 11, 2017

Antique Shops in Logan Yield Amazing Loot!

I have a great post for you guys today!!

We took a day trip to the lake today for a family thing. Now, granted, the lake is not my thing. I don't do water-skiing--hate water up my nose. I don't like tubing--hurts the vajayjay. I dislike small boats--not into the rough ride. Give me a dinner boat or cruise ship any day! And I don't get in the water--fish pee, ewww!

But I made the most of the situation by asking the husband to stop by some antique shops in Logan, UT, on the way. And I hit the jackpot, guys!

First, we went to Vintage Treasures, 530 South Main, Logan, UT.

My first thought was, "Wow, this isn't the usual chaotic mess that one usually finds in an antique shop." It's very organized, neat, and you can easily most everything. Jewelry is nicely displayed and visible. They had some very unique lamps, pretty much everything. Lots of glassware, etc.

They did not have much in the way of hats or dresses, but I nabbed these amazing treasures:

That little suitcase..see the necklace on top. I nabbed the necklace and the little suitcase. Look how small the suitcase is! It's the perfect handbag. It just needs some TLC on the inside. Add some nice felt liner and I have a new purse. The necklace is costume but gorgeous, probably 50s.

I happily pranced from there to here:

About Time Antique Mall is located at 538 S Main St Logan, Utah

Again, nicely organized!! There's room to walk and you can see everything. The displays are tasteful and not a jumbled mess. And you can see vintage dresses on the rack! They also had gloves throughout the store--tiny hands!! Lots of jewelry. And the lady who was working in there today kindly let me try a dress on in the bathroom...and it was a winner!! Check out this lovely 1950s dress. The jewelry I found here also is a perfect match for it!

Seriously, how cool is that?? The dress fits like a glove too.

Anyone who likes antiquing, these stores in Logan are worth the drive. Had we not been on a time crunch, we could have hit two more in the vicinity. I def will another time.

I'm pretty darn happy with my finds today. What do you think?

And in case anyone is's my OOTD:

Dress: Amazon
Shoes: Sofft
Handbag: Bowtox (Her material is actually better detailed than the dress material!)
Dog: Lola the Pin-up Pekingese! (Her dress is from Auntie Christina!)
Sunglasses: Amazon

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