Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Spotlight on Lazy Daizy's Boutique: Utah-Made Skirts, Bags, & Dresses

Please welcome UT Business owners Jayme and her mother Tana. I met them at a car show and was charmed by their booth, which consisted of the cutest skirts, tote bags, and more. They own LAZY DAIZY'S BOUTIQUE.

As a matter of fact, here's the darling skirt I ended up buying from them:

The elastic waist looks like a belt and means it will pretty much always fit. It does not require a crinoline but has enough poof of its own. I also purchased a pair of earrings, not realizing she actually makes them herself. They are very lovely.

Why Lazy Daizy's Boutique? What made you choose that name?

Originally our name was Jayme’s Jems, for years I (Jayme) just made jewelry so that name fit. Then in the fall of 2015 I began sewing my own pinup clothes and decided that I loved sewing. So my Mom (Tana) came on board and we started to expand the business. I began to think that Jayme’s Jems didn’t really fit or include Mom. So we changed the name in January 2017 and feel it fits much better, and can include everything we do.

How did your business start?

It started with my love of jewelry, I wanted to express my creativity and so I bought tools and beads and started with that about 12 years ago. I always had a little bin i carried everywhere and would take out the jewelry until someone would ask me about it and then a bunch of girls would come over and look and buy. At this time I didn’t really know how to sew and was even scared of it.

In 2015 I joined a Pin Up group here locally and one of my sisters suggested we take sewing lessons so we could make our own clothes. Being plus sized it’s hard to find clothing that fits right and is flattering without breaking the bank. I put my fears aside and began my first sewing project, a full circle skirt. I picked up sewing fast and had an amazing teacher! I went to DI and found myself a used machine to start. From there I taught myself to read patterns and watched tons of Youtube videos on technique.

Jayme, on the right, wearing her first handmade skirt.

My Mom who has been sewing since she was young decided to join me on my journey shortly after. We have always been close and this was something we could share and do together which has really just made us closer.

What all do you make?
We love making pinup style clothing! But really we will and have made just about everything, from clothes to purses to baby gifts. You can find a wide array of items in our Etsy shop as well as Facebook page. We also have an embroidery machine and love making personalized gifts with names and Monogramming.

Our most popular items are skirts, NFL purses, and baby blankets. We also have home decor such as pillows, pillowcases, barstool cushions, tea towels and potholder. We are a family business so we are branching out into soaps and lotions. In the hopes we will one day have a store where you can purchase handmade and handcrafted items.

They just began making dresses!

I understand you are a mother/daughter team. Who makes what?

Summer is our busiest season as we try to do car shows all summer long, so if there is something that needs made either of us can do it. However Tana makes most of our baby and toddler items, purses, and vintage style pillowcases. I make the skirts, totes, makeup bags and wallets.

Do either of you like pin-up clothes? You make some cute skirts and scarves. Ever make them to match?

I love pin up clothing and as I stated before started first by making clothes for myself. We also love to have items to match whatever we make, so that you can get everything in one spot. So you can get a skirt, scarf, purse and wallet that all go together and have a complete outfit.

What drew you to pin-up?

Pinup is empowering to all shapes and sizes. I have never felt more beautiful then when I am all pinned up! It makes you feel like a real lady to put that skirt on and get all done up. Also we love everything vintage, from the cars to fabric prints. We want other women no matter their shape or size to feel beautiful and confident.

You are UT-based but you take clients from all over the world, via Etsy? What’s the best way for a client to purchase something from you?
The best way is to contact us via Facebook on our business page. I answer all messages promptly and we love to create items that are custom made to fit you.

I can vouch for this. I went home after the car show that night and messaged you within a week about buying a skirt. You answered! Customers, she not only replies via FB message (I really really appreciate this because I'm hard of hearing) but she will collect your measurements and all this way too.

For UT residents, are there any events we can find you at in the near future?

We will be at Scare Away Cancer in Draper on September 23

We will also be having a neighborhood boutique on October 7th at our home.

And we will definitely announce on our page any other shows we book!

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