Sunday, August 13, 2017

Idaho & Studio E - Keeping Up with Christina

Somewhere in Dayton.
Greetings from Idaho!
Some of my family members recently moved to Idaho so we decided to take a trip up to visit them. We found this little diner and decided to grab some lunch.
If you're ever passing through Malad, I highly recommend grabbing food there, it was delicious. Had I thought about it I would have snapped a picture of my burger before I devoured it... Because who doesn't love food pictures to make you hungry!? The diner is called "Malad Drive-In" according to their signs they have been open since 1955, which is pretty cool, if you ask me.
Welcome sign in the diner.

 I couldn't decide which sign I liked better so I snapped a picture with both. As for my OOTD..

Necklace: Vintage
Skirt: Dancing Cats (picked up from Retro Betty during their 50%-70% off summer clothing sale - see photos below, courtesy of Tara.)
Shoes: Chase & Chloe (I was lucky to nab these for $4 at the Deseret Industries in Brigham on our way to Idaho)

If you have never been to Retro Betty, it's worth it. Her shop isn't like the other reproduction shops. She sells lots of vintage and kitschy items - she has all sorts of cute and quirky items to add to your home decor. I love that she carries both new reproduction clothing (for adults and children) AND vintage clothing.

Retro Betty
Retro Betty

On our way out of Idaho we went through Logan and stopped at the Deseret Industries there, as well as hitting the one in Preston, Idaho. We found lots of goodies there, but I didn't get a chance to snap any pictures before we loaded everything up. I got a couple of dresses, and a top, got the kids some clothes, some cute glassware for the kitchen at the studio, a beautiful print of a painting for the living room at the studio, etc. Really cool finds - and it was nice to go somewhere different for a change.
Somewhere in Clayton, Idaho

Speaking of the studio... We will be opening VERY soon! I'm hoping for next weekend, but keep an eye out on our facebook page for the official announcement. We have slowly been gathering things for that finishing touch, and now we just have to put it all together. I'm sure a lot of you saw this photo on Facebook or Instagram, but you can just feel the excitement after we finished painting the walls. I think you can find a before picture on there as well, the space was a burnt orange color, and is now pink, sea-foam and white. SO. MUCH. BETTER.
But then we added in the furniture, and you wouldn't think it would be very hard to find a square table that is 36" x 36", but you would be surprised. We finally found a table that will work though, so we got that put in, then we found some artwork. Now we just need to repair the TV stand, so we can put the TV up and add the finishing touches there.
As far as the kitchen area goes, I don't think we will ever be done adding to it. I found an adorable real-look plastic cake tonight that will make an amazing prop for "cooking" in the kitchen. It seriously looks SO real, it's great. And I'm on the hunt for any sort of pink ceramic bowls. The space may not look very big here, but the studio room measures approx. 12' x 22'. We have yellow paper hanging against the opposite wall of the kitchen too, for standard photos, but then the kitchen and living room scene for that realistic 50's pin-up look. The floor for the kitchen extends out 11' along the 22' wall, so there is plenty of space for shooting, and 8' of the floor is actually removable if we decided to do another set, or need room for the living room area. I can't wait to get everything together and get some pictures of it all set up for you guys to see. You'll have to come and check us out!

I'm sorry I have been MIA on posts again, I know I promised to be on top of it with more posts, but I have been SO busy trying to get the studio done, and getting everything for my daughter to start school, then my family moving, etc. It has been a chaotic summer and I am ready for fall. Who's with me!?

I guess that's it for now.
If you're curious about studio rates, please contact me via the facebook page, or comment below!
Until next time.


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